Large and small institutions have different healthcare system needs. While cost is an issue for both large and small practices, the ability to amortize costs over a larger number of studies is a luxury smaller practices simply do not have. Their operating and system costs must be kept to a minimum.

Smaller practices typically lack extensive IT staff. Their PACS systems must be reliable and easy-to-use; complex systems deployed in larger practices and institutions are simply impractical for the small practice.

In addition, small practices, which are typically privately owned, are highly focused on profitability. As a result, they continually strive to be more efficient in getting the information they need to maintain quality patient care.

Therefore, any PACS system must help reduce costs, decrease staff workload and enhance the reading experience of its medical users.

The Answer is PACS-5M. PACS-5M is a complete PACS and image display solution. PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System) is the universal medical term for the digital network and equipment necessary to make digital imaging work. It is based on the international standard of DICOM. This means that if you select solutions that use this standard, you will not be locked into one vendor's solution as your practice grows or changes. You remain in control. PACS-5M is the answer for a cost-effective, easily maintained PACS for small practices. PACS-5M takes all the key elements of large medical PACS solutions and packages them in a rational size for small practices.

You need the same functionality of a hospital-based digital network, but not the complexity or the cost. Here is a list of the key features PRINCE provides:

Image Gateway - The central point for the receipt and distribution of all of your digital images. You can connect multiple devices to PACS-5M (modalities, display stations, etc.).

Archive - A safe method for storing your images. PACS-5M can hold the equivalent of 100,000 14”x17” sheets of x-ray film. That's years of storage for the typical small practice.

Backup - A method of backing up the same images that are stored in the on-line hard drive. PACS-5M is delivered with a removable hard drive backup system. It runs automatically.

DVD/CD Recording and Printing - An automatic method to create and label DVD/CD's with patients’ images for distribution to patients or other medical professionals. These DVD/CD's have an advanced viewing program that self-starts when the DVD/CD is inserted into a Windows based PC.

Communications - Five licenses for remote viewing within your facility (LAN) or via the WEB . This allows you to use inexpensive PC's or WIFI-enabled tablet PC's to display images in your patient exam rooms or to send to referring physicians.

Workstation A diagnostic quality workstation for your interpretation work. Our PACS-5M workstation software includes the imaging tools you need to get the most out of your images (window, level, zoom, pan, annotation, measure length, angle, invert, rotate and more).

Connectivity - to your CR and/or DR imaging systems.

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